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Museo Sisān, Cisano in Bardolino on Lake Garda


23 JULY 2021

Museum will reopen am 23 July, 2021

9:30am - 12:30pm

for schools and groups, please send request to:

Important new findings on display

LAKE TROUT (Salmo trutta)

In July, 2003 the Provincial Police confiscated a specimen of Lake Trout (Salmo Trutta), caught illegally in the waters of Lake Garda in the Shire of Bardolino. Given its extraordinary size, weighing 20.4 kg embalming was prepared in order that it be exposed at the Experimental Ichthyic Centre in Bardolino. In July, 2010 upon request of the Association Sagra dei Osei (Bird Fest), the Province of Verona devolved the extraordinary stuffed specimen, one of the largest that has ever been caught in the waters of Lake Garda to the Museum Sisān.

The principle scope of this museum is the diffusion of ornithological knowledge and of the historical craft traditions tied to the activity of hunting and fishing abundantly practiced in the past in the southern end of Lake Garda. A world that is disappearing and with it also those who still conserve this culture which was passed on from father to children. We are sure that we can recover this slowly disappearing culture with scientific data obtained from reliable sources.

Ingresso del Museo Sisan

The building is property of the Shire of Bardolino and has been granted for 20 years to the Associazione Sagra dei Osei of Cisano for the realisation of the museum.

The project, by the architect Marco Mamone has contemplated all the necessary work for the adaptation of the building for use as a museum according to Italian law.

Further to the usual museum criteria, interactive multimedia systems and documentations have been installed in Italian, English and German.

News in archive:

Important new findings on display

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Museo Sisān
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